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Engaging in the Arts

Mandala is committed to education, both in school and out of school. We understand that effective and transformative teaching and learning can take place almost anywhere. We seek opportunities for collaborating with dedicated instructors and facilitators who wish to expand their program's global reach.

Our Outreach program serves community locations such as museums, festivals, places of worship, parks, and almost anywhere people gather to celebrate the power of art, as well.

We believe that engagement with the arts, whether you're "doing" it or participating as an audience member, enhances inner personal satisfaction as well as collective quality of life. Arts experiences build bridges across cultures and between neighbors, promote safe risk-taking, provide avenues for self-expression, and make the world a more humane place to be. We embrace life-long learning as a value, and support region-wide efforts to learn and grow through dance, music, and storytelling.

Mandala is proudly supported by these organizations.

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