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 From Persia to Indonesia, the culture of the subcontinent is fully and magnificently represented by Mandala South Asian Performing Arts. Mandala envisions a transnational world of exuberant exchange and artistic celebration.

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Performances of classical and contemporary dance and music from across South Asia.

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Studio classes in Indian classical, classical contemporary and Bollywood dance and music.

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Out-of-school-time arts education and life-long learning opportunities.

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Customizable performances for schools, universities, weddings, and corporate events.

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Upcoming Events

Ram 2


Mandala Youth Ensemble performs alongside professional artists in this children’s adaptation of the Ramayana, for Chicago Public School students.

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Amita 2


Odisha-based artist, Sonali Mishra, presents Odissi dance featuring a solo Bharatanatyam performance by Mandala Artist, Ashwaty Chennat.

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Indian classical dance as never seen before: through mixed media and live performance, the intricacies of South Asian poetry and physical storytelling are exposed.

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See What People are Saying about Mandala . . .

“Tri Dhara” - Intelligently structured by artistic director Prantia Jain … a final trio brings the three streams together, briefly separates them again and ultimately dissolves all distinctions.

Chicago Reader, “Critic’s Choice” Laura Molzahn

Pop star Shakira used an Indian flavour (having been trained by Artistic Director Pranita Jain and featuring Dancers) to enthrall the audience at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards in New York.

Times International, New Delhi, India

21AD Asia” the tranquil marriage of a Navajo poem to Indian Dance, with the artists metaphorically drawing the elements of air and fire into her own being to express oneness with the universe... poetry narration seemed to pour forth from intensely outlined eyes.

Chicago Tribune

As a second generation British Asian I wanted my daughter to stay connected to her Indian roots. I found that Mandala was the perfect place for her to learn the art of Bharata Natyam and to form lasting friendships with her peers.

Rebecca Shetty, Chicago, Illinois

Through my daughters' association with Pranita, they learned lots of values which are hard to come by. They learned how to be patient, disciplined, respectful, strong, punctual and self confident. They learned how to present themselves in front of a huge audience. They learned so much about Indian culture and faith. It happened in a very subtle way . . . by dancing mythological stories from the Indian subcontinent.

Nand Parkash Garg, Naperville, Illinois

Ms. Pranita is an accomplished dancer and choreographer, and also a warm and nurturing teacher. She challenges her students to work hard, allowing them to experience the pride of achieving beyond their expectations.

Aline Glick, Chicago, Illinois

The color, vibrancy, and beauty of Hindu dance captivated the attention of a Presbyterian audience. In her accompanying remarks, Pranita Jain provided a cultural and spiritual backdrop to the masterful performance by a dancer of the Mandala dance troupe. The aesthetically rich program awakened all our senses.

Joyce Shin, Associate Pastor for Congregational Life Fourth Presbyterian Church - Chicago, Illinois

Pranita Jain presented a wonderfully interesting and entertaining program for our group at Fourth Church. She presented an overview of traditional dance in India and spoke about the historical, cultural and spiritual aspects of the dance form. A principal dancer of the Mandala dance troupe completed the program with an inspired and captivating performance that brought to life this special art. The entire program was enjoyed and praised by all who attended.

Amy Bacon Volpe, Associate Pastor for Congregational Life Fourth Presbyterian Church - Chicago, Illinois

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